We had started the company in 2011 to satisfy our desire of to innovate and create ground breaking & cost effective products that are well suited for the Indian landscape. Our first few products like Palantir & Android In Car Infotainment System were born out of that thought process.

As we continued to develop products, we came into contact with many like minded people who shared the “Developed & Made in India” vision, but lacked the technical capability to convert their ideas into reality. We now work with and help all such entrepreneurs, individuals & companies to develop their ideas with the market place in mind, and shape them into actual products.

We understand that not everyone has the financial capabilities to hire technical teams. As such, we offer a multitude of models to work with. For us, your enthusiasm, drive & dedication for your vision matters more that your immediate financial means. So, if you have any idea, but lack the technical ability to finish it, Contact Us, and we will find a way to work together!