The mobile man portable surveillance system (Palantir) is a surveillance system for urban environments. It is designed to operate well in closed spaces and provide a view of spaces which might be either hard to reach or are in hazardous conditions. The device is targeted at forces carrying out anti-terrorist operations.

Usage Scenario

A common usage scenario would be well armed terrorists or criminals holding out inside building premises with or without hostages. The problem faced by anti-terrorists forces or the forces of law in such conditions are many folds. Firstly they have a duty to take out the terrorists without doing much damage to the building; their problems are multiplied if the terrorists have taken hostages.

The device is built for deployment in exactly such scenarios. In almost all circumstances, the building in question does not have internal surveillance systems, and even if they do, such systems are the first ones to be captured and/or destroyed. Also these internal systems are fixed point surveillance systems and are unable to give a view of what the forces actually want to see. The barbaric attack by terrorists on Mumbai Taj on 26/11 was a grisly reminder of the fact.